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Does He Love You? 5 Signs He Is In Love With You


Does He Love You?  5 Signs He Is In Love With You
You know you like him a lot ... maybe it's even love, but does he feel the same way? Find out now.

Knowing the signs of whether the guy you're dating is really into you or just having a great time with you is often hard to tell.  You may be wondering, "Does he love me?"  You know you like him a lot ... maybe it's even love.  But does he feel the same way?

To find out the answer to your question, "Does he love me", here are 5 signs he may be head-over-heels in love with you:

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1. He is starting to stock his kitchen with foods you love. Does he buy those chocolate-covered almonds you just can't stop devouring? Has he added skim milk to his grocery list even though you know he usually buys only 2%? If you open his cupboards, is your favourite flavour of chips on the shelf? If you notice these subtle changes in his grocery buying habits, he's probably more into you than you think. He's willing to please you and is putting thought into how to make you feel at home at his place.  And that is one of the signs he is into you and possibly he's falling (if not already) in love with you.

2. He talks about his future ... especially if he asks for your opinion on his plans. Gus love talking about their future plans, and if he sees you in it, he'll ask for your opinion on his plans. If he mentions he is planning to move to a different city to further his career, he is merely making conversation. If he asks your opinion about the city, or even better, whether you could see yourself living there one day, he may be fishing to see if you would be flexible enough in your life to move there with him. It's a good sign he wants you permanently in your life and may be falling in love with you.

3. He offers to take care of you when you are sick. If you are sick and he offers to come over with some chicken noodle soup, it's a very good sign that he's in the relationship for the long haul. After all, who but someone struck with love would: risk catching the illness you have; not care whether he's going to see you at your worst; put aside his time to do something that could turn out particularly boring (is anybody really all that fun when they are sick ... especially when they repeatedly doze off to sleep). If he is willing to give up an afternoon or day to take care of you when you are at your most unattractive and unexciting, it's a great sign he is crazy about you.

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