Addiction Pandemic: 7 Reasons We’re Addicted to Everything


Addiction Pandemic:   7 Reasons We’re Addicted to Everything
Addiction is one of our most costly public health problems. What’s happening and what can we DO?

To start off Part 2 of this article, here’s just a partial list of contemporary Addiction Types on the website:  Alcohol Addiction,  Ambien Addiction, Amphetamine Addiction, Benzodiazepine Addiction, Caffeine Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Crack Addiction, Eating Disorders, Ecstasy Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Heroin Addiction, Internet Addiction, Marijuana Addiction, Meth Addiction, Nicotine Addiction, Opioid Addiction, Hydrocodone Addiction, Methadone Addiction, Oxycontin Addiction, Percocet Addiction, Vicodin, Pornography Addiction, Prescription Drug Addiction, Ritalin Addiction, Sex Addiction, Shoplifting, Shopping Addiction, Smoking Addiction, Sugar Addiction, Teenage  Addictions, Texting Addiction, TV Addiction, Video Game Addiction, Work Addiction, Xanax Addiction..

Whether it’s Love, Sex, or Alcohol, virtually all addictions share a similar profile.  People who are addicted experience obsessive - compulsive cravings, desire or behaviors, producing harmful consequences, feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, shame and guilt over them and an increasingly out-of-control, unmanageable lifestyle.

Now, as you probably read in Part I of this article,  Addicted to Love, or Sex and ADD, too?,  the addictions are turning up in multiples.   Research studies from UCLA revealed that 23 to 26% of males diagnosed as sex addicts were also found to suffer from adult ADHD. But more sex addicts – a whopping 67% -- felt that they had ADHD symptoms, more than were professionally diagnosed with the condition.

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