What To Do To Keep Your Man From Walking


What To Do To Keep Your Man From Walking
Is he drifting? The fastest way to bring him back is to find peace of mind with or without him.

Does the man you love remind you of water—dripping out of your hands the more you try to hold onto him?  I know how frustrating it can be to be madly in love with a guy who doesn’t reciprocate; it doesn’t matter how often you contact him, try to force heart-to-hearts, offer solutions or try to prove to him that you aren’t going to hurt him.  You break your back trying but sweat and tears just don't help you keep your man.  It sucks.

In my own life, I remember one relationship where I found myself ‘selling’ the relationship to him like I was presenting a project to investors at work: “Don’t forget how much we laugh together”; “I promise to cook more for you on the weekends”; "Maybe you need to look at us from this other angle."  It was awful and it felt so demeaning.  Yet I couldn’t stop myself because I was hooked on the ‘if only’:  If only he could see how easy and amazing it could be; if only he just gave in, our life together would be fabulous; if only I could convince him of my love and prove to him that I wasn't going anywhere.


If you want to keep your man, you’re going to have to let go of the ‘if only’ and risk losing him entirely.  If you want to keep your man, you’re going to have to trust that he knows what’s best for him and not try to control his feelings or his actions in the relationship.

To Keep Your Man, Communicate Your Feelings Instead of Analyze His

Imagine the shoe on the other foot and you are in his position.  Imagine you are seeing a guy, and, for some reason that you can’t quite sort out, you aren’t really feeling him anymore. 

Now imagine that he senses your distancing and starts to try and pull you toward him.  He starts appealing to your feelings and compromising his needs in the process.  He makes wild promises of unconditional love and says he will jump through whatever hoops he needs to in order to keep you.  He calls often and brings up the relationship every chance he gets.  He experiences waves of sadness, anger and neediness and all the while he just wants answers.

This behavior would probably make you feel guilty and smothered.

But what if intstead he tells you how your confusing, mixed messages make him feel? What if he communicates to you all the pain you’ve caused him and that he’s not going to put up with it anymore:

I love you and care deeply about this relationship but right now I’m lonely, confused, angry and lost here.  I don’t want to lose you, but I don’t want us this way either.  If you can’t talk with me about what’s going on with you, I understand that, but I can’t be part of this pain anymore.  When you know what you want or are able to talk with me more about your needs in this relationship, let me know and we can see where we both are at that point.”

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Ms. Kristina Marchant


Is the man you love emotionally distant?  Maybe he runs hot then cold, or maybe he has slowly been distancing himself over time?  If so, you are have something in common with the women who read and follow my blog, ConnectWithHisHeart.com  Come take a look and sign up there for my free mini-course: "Why Men Fall In & Out Of Love...  And What You Can Do"



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