17 Things A High Value Woman Never Allows A Man To Do

17 Things A High Value Woman Never Allows A Man To Do

17 Things A High Value Woman Never Allows A Man To Do

"Ignoring a man's disrespect is the surest guarantee it will continue."—Rhonda Cort

My girlfriend Janie who lives in Italy told me a wild story last week. 

Janie was on Skype with her cousin Pamela Miami. Pamela was getting ready for a date with a gorgeous man. He was supposed to pick her up at 7:00 pm.

At 7:15, Janie asked Pamela if she was going to phone the guy to see where he was. Pamela said, "no."


At 7:45, Janie asked again if she was going to give him a call. "No," Pamela's answer was the same. She continued chatting like nothing happened.

At 8:00 pm, Pamela's doorbell rings. She asks Janie to hold on.

Thirty seconds later, Pamela returns and starts chatting like nothing happened.

Perplexed, Janie asked her wasn't she going on her date. "No," said Pamela.

"Well, what happened?" asked Janie.

"I asked him what kind of woman he thought I was showing up an hour late. I threw the flowers he brought at him and closed the door."

Okay, that was a bit dramatic and over-the-top. I don't recommend you doing that, but I do admire the woman.

She was not going to be treated like she, nor her time, were anything less than valuable. She was not going to tolerate poor treatment from a man. From the day one.

(Just so you know, the guy had no viable excuse. He was just late).

My friend Janie always says, "you've got to train a man how to treat you."

I couldn't agree more.

Pamela trains men to treat her well—from the very start. I suggest you do too. Keep Reading...

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