Sexy Products To Enhance Your Man's Pleasure


Sexy Products To Enhance Your Man's Pleasure
A quick read that will amplify the pleasure in your bedroom.


Who doesn't want to be a sex goddess in the bedroom?


And, as they say: "Knowledge is Power!" Lucky Bloke is here to equip you with a handful of super sexy products made, specifically, to enhance his performance and pleasure.

But, who are we kidding?! Introduce a few of these, in just the right way, and you will be the reigning heroine in the bedroom.

1. If you're looking for more excitement...

The following two products (one is a condom and the other is a lube) are made expressly to enhance his sexual performance and pleasure. (Shh…and yours too!)

What you need to know:
Both of these products increase pleasure via L-Arginine. L-Arginine heightens arousal and blood flow for both partners. So while you are increasing his pleasure, you will be increasing your too. See, generosity pays! 

(Please note: If you or your partner have herpes L-Arginine may trigger flare-ups!
For a man who struggles with premature ejaculation, we would recommend avoiding these products altogether.)

1. LifeStyles: X2 (with ExciteGel)

Double the Intensified Pleasure
LifeStyles X2, the first and only premium condom lubricated inside and outside with Excite Enhancement Gel, are double the intensity! The unique arousal gel, with natural supplement L-Arginine, heightens sensation by stimulating blood flow to the areas aroused during sex, increasing the pleasure for both partners. X2 are made of premium latex and are manufactured according to the highest standards. 

LovRub: Male
Powerful Arousal for Men
Formulated by scientists and sex experts, LovRub boosts the intensity of male arousal leading to more powerful orgasms. LovRub boosts erection quality by safely dilating the blood vessels of penile tissues. LovRub is water-based and includes natural ingredients: L-Arginine, Resveratrol & Aloe Vera. [

2. If he'd like to last longer...

The following three products are made expressly to prolong his sexual performance.

What you need to know:
For a man who struggles with premature ejaculation, they may very well be a godsend. However, if (typically) a man doesn't need the assistance, he may find the numbing annoying and his pleasure compromised.

You see, they all work by slightly creating a numbing sensation. For some men, this numbing sensation can make it difficult for them to ejaculate. For other men, it is just what they need to last long enough to satisfy both partners. And for a man who struggles with ejaculating too soon, this will be welcome relief.

Pjur: Med Pro-long | Spray
Keep Your Pleasure Going…and Going
Specially formulated to prolong and enhance a man’s pleasure, the active ingredient - tannic acid (derived from oak bark) has a contracting effect. In combination with panthenol, this gives the spray a desensitizing effect, which reduces the penis sensitivity and helps against premature ejaculation. This is a spray (not a condom).

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