5 Worst Excuses Men Use To Avoid Wearing a Condom


5 Worst Excuses Men Use To Avoid Wearing Condoms [EXPERT]
The right condoms might make all the difference in the world ...

 It doesn't matter how charming he is. It doesn't matter how sexy he is. Your health is still the number one priority.  If you are prepared when he bats his eyelashes and runs his very sexy hand up your thigh, you will stay in control of both your safety and your pleasure. Here are the top five excuses men use to attempt to wiggle out of wearing a condom and the responses you need to stay safe. How To Get Him To Use Protection

Excuse #1: Birth control is the woman's responsibility.


Sadly this is not a new argument. Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures all thought the same thing, and that is why you won’t see many references to condoms in their ancient literature. In fact, the only references to "male birth control" you may find in their writings refer only to "coitus interruptus"—that’s the "pull-out" method, by the way —and anal sex. Puh-lease! What Kind Of Condom Would Einstein Have Worn?

Why it's bull: Okay, first of all ladies, we all do have some responsibility in keeping ourselves safe. We think it's crap when a guy tells us it's all our responsibility to make sure we have adequate birth control, and it's equally crap for us to tell them it's all their responsibility. The best case scenario is for all of us to do our part and make sure we have protection for ourselves. It takes two people to make a baby and (at least) two people to spread a STI or HIV. It's neither all his responsibility nor all yours.

The lucky news: Accidents happen and people get forgetful. If you meet a stellar guy you cannot wait to jump in the sack with and you suddenly realize that you've fallen out of practice in taking your birth control, that can put a real damper in the works. iCondom: Safe Sex At The Click Of An iPhone

Likewise, if he usually uses a condom but has stopped because he finds them uncomfortable or experiences a lack of stimulation, he's asking you to take a risk in going bare-back. Neither of these are ideal situations and are huge reasons why you need to take a trip over to LuckyBloke.com (as soon as you're done reading this article!) and browse through the very best international condoms available. You can make a one-time purchase or set yourself up for a monthly subscription. It is that simple; you never have to worry about forgetting again.

Want the latest and the greatest in condom innovation? Then you want Lucky Bloke's version: ONE's Pleasure Pack. It is one's assortment of mixed pleasures (and then some)!

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