5 Ways To Hotter Valentines Sex With A Condom


5 Ways To Hotter Valentines Sex With A Condom
Safer sex can be oh-so very pleasurable. Simply take note of these five tips...and enjoy!

Here at Lucky Bloke Headquarters, we understand how important finding the right condom is for your pleasure and safety. Especially with Valentine's just days away.

So let's get started! There’s a common myth that all condoms are created equal with a “one-size-fits-most” mentality. Because of this, many people subject themselves to repeated, uncomfortable and negative condom experiences.


Condoms, once made solely for protection, are now made with absolute pleasure in mind. We’re here today to bust the myth that all condoms are created equal and let you in on a little secret: condoms don’t just keep you safe, they can also improve your sex life, leading to hotter, more pleasurable sex!

Here’s our top 5 tips to finding the right condom and improving your sex life:

1. What's his (condom) size?!
In reality, quality and fit are as essential to condoms as they are to any other form of intimate apparel. Would you go to a lingerie store and purchase a bra advertised as “one-size-fits-most”? We’re guessing probably not. The same thinking should be applied to condoms. And there are actually three condom sizes. (Need help? Click this link to find his condom size.)

As we have discovered through our research, many people are simply wearing the wrong sized condom. Condoms should feel snug and secure. If his condom is so loose it slips, or so tight it causes discomfort, it’s likely your man is wearing the wrong size. Finding the right size condom not only increases comfort and helps prevent dangerous mishaps like slippage or breakage...it dramatically improves pleasure. Guaranteed.

Did you know that 30-35% of men require a smaller - more tailored fit - condom. If your experience with condoms has been that they all slip and slide, you might want to check out a more tailored condom like Beyond Seven's super sexy ultra-thin Sheerlon condom which is designed to be strong and secure with a tailored fit.

Conversely, if you find condoms always feel tight and constricting, a condom with a roomier fit such as Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy condom that allows for more freedom of movement, might be exactly what you need.

Keep in mind that when you're wearing a condom that fits like a glove, both partners are sure to have an enhanced, more pleasurable and much safer experience.

2. Explore condoms for increased pleasure.
Once you find the right condom fit you can relax a bit and focus on what’s important - giving and receiving pleasure! Condoms are no longer the utilitarian devices they once were. When it comes to added pleasure there are endless options to try!

Exploring new condoms together is not only a lot of fun, it can also lead to increased intimacy (and pleasure!) in your relationship.

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