Why Zodiac Sign Compatibility Isn't Enought To Keep A Man


Why Zodiac Sign Compatibility Isn't Enought To Keep A Man
The theory is if you find a man with zodiac compatibikity you can find true love.

All though the Zodiac signs do line up pretty darn close to one another, when finding a match but the reality of these signs won’t keep your relationship together forever.

The zodiac myth has been pushed on to the public eye very strongly for quite some time now, every time people get together or first meet, one of the first 5 questions, is what’s your sign.

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A lot of men and women have missed out on their true partner for LOVE because they have looked up the person sign and it read that they aren’t all that compatible, so you atomically get this negative thought in your mind, telling yourself that it won’t workout because our signs said so.

Now don’t hate me just yet, and tell me I am close minded or that I might not understand, I am a fan of the Zodiac sign reading also, but I know that there many more reasons couples miss out on their chances of Love than just what a sign says.

There have been two strangers who have gotten together before, and their signs said they would make the best Love ever, but something happen, something that a zodiac sign miss read.

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The two strangers that had fell in Love because their signs lined up perfectly with each other, had came to a dead end road in the relationship, and now have broken a part an went their separate ways.

Now my question is, how come if the sign says they were perfect together, why or how could they be split a part?

That’s because there is much more to dating then just what a sign says. You must be able to understand a man’s mind and they as well, how to communicate, how to touch a man, how to give a man just enough space and attention.

The sings don’t teach you ho to do those things; they just make you feel good and happy inside knowing that you match up with another person in this world.

Its one thing to find your match and it’s another to keep that match for life, if you are seeking true LOVE and want a life type best friend then you need to know more then what the Zodiac says.

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P.S Understanding how a man truly operates is the essential key to a successful relationship and a happy heart.
Don’t allow your heart to ace or lose out on what you really want because a sign says a few miss leading words. Dating Advice For

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