How To Keep Crush Interested In You


You finally got to talking to your crush. But now what? How can you start dating him?

Your probably thinking in your mind right now... He will never want to date me, it's been all this time and he just finely noticed I was even alive..

What should you do, when the crush of your life has noticed you and expressed a little interest in you?

You must tred litely here because your anexity of wanting more could get the best of you, and you can end up scewing this whole thing up very badly..

So the question here is how can you keep him interested in make him want to date you??

Well there is a very nice informative blog post that one of my writers just added on my Blog, so I would suggest going and reading it before you see him again..

This article has really good quaility info, and for those who really want more then just a "Hello" from your crush. I would suggest applying this advice at the end of this article as well 

Cheers Friends The link to the article is at the end of this post.

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