Why You Should Break Up Before Valentines Day

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The only thing worse than being alone on Valentines Day is being in a relationship you can't stand.

The only thing worse than being alone on Valentines Day is being in a relationship you can't stand.

Sometimes people stay in bad relationships through December because they don't want to spend the holidays alone. If you are one of those people, consider breaking up before Valentines Day. After all, you deserve happiness in 2013.

If the thought of breaking up makes you think, I'll do it after Valentines Day, here are eight reasons not to wait:

1. The gifts will not be what you expect. If you're hanging onto the relationship because you're expecting some kind of elaborate Valentines Day gift, rethink that. If you're not into the relationship any longer, chances are he isn't either, so don't expect lavish spending. When you're unhappy with someone, the best gift is having your freedom.

2. Don't waste your money. Gift giving is reciprocal, so don't waste your time or money buying something for someone you don't want to be with anymore anyway.

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3. Avoid public displays of affection. Let's say you have your eye on someone at the office and he has given you the signals that he's interested as well. Your soon-to-be ex could send some flowers to the office on Valentines Day, putting a damper on your potential new suitor.

4. No unwanted sex on Valentines Day. If you stay together, chances are you will go out to dinner on Valentines Day and the special evening will end with sex. If you're not into him, you're probably not into having sex with him, so breaking up before will save you. Keep reading ...

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