The ABCs of Reuniting with Your Ex


The ABCs of Reuniting with Your Ex





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After a
relationship ends, it's all too easy to second-guess the decision to split up.
And while reconsidering doesn't necessarily mean you should reunite, what
happens if you and your ex DO decide you'd like to give the relationship
another go? Maybe the time away from one another has shown you the error of
your ways. Perhaps you've each had time to assess what went wrong and are now
committed to a fresh start. However, before you rush into reuniting, think
about these important factors:

1. Make sure you’re reuniting for
the right reasons

Before you
and your ex give Your Relationship, Part Two the green light, you’ll want to
double check your intentions. Are you interested in getting back together
because you love, respect, and genuinely want to make the relationship work, or
are you simply lonely, confused, scared, or, worse, you just don't like the
dating prospects you've met so far as a savvy single? Worse still, have you
discovered that your ex is moving on before you are and instead of letting them
go, you now want to hold on for dear life? Before you make a hasty decision the
two of you could live to regret, it's essential that you both identify your
reasons for reuniting. Do NOT reunite out of fear, scarcity, or loneliness.
Those are natural reactions to a breakup. They are NOT signs you should get
back together with your ex, nor are they signs that your ex was The One. Both
of you need to believe that the relationship is worth salvaging and that you
can make it work. Then – and only then – should you resuscitate your

2. Understand the odds against you

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