How To Kiss A Toxic Relationship Goodbye, Once & For All

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Isn't it time to end it already?

That's it. You can't take it anymore. It's your time for a fresh start and you can feel it in your core.

It's time to leave this toxic relationship once and for all. You are tired of the fights. You are tired of the silence. You are tired of walking on eggshells. You are just plain tired.

You can barely stand to look at yourself in the mirror because you are ashamed of what you have become: a doormat, a victim.

Your friends and family have been keeping their distance lately and you can't blame them. Being around you and your partner is uncomfortable at best. This situation is negatively affecting all the areas of your life and you're ready to make a move.

You admit that you've thought about it for a while. In fact, it has been months — maybe years — that you've been imagining what life would be like without your partner. You've seen other couples who bring out the best in each other and you long to experience that kind of love. You imagine feeling truly adored and respected by your partner, appreciated and supported.

You know deep down that you deserve a better relationship and you have finally mustered up the courage to break free and then ... that little (but loud), lying voice in your head (what I call your "LLV") speaks up and you begin to doubt yourself again. Continue reading.

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