5 Tips On Handling Mutual Friends & Your Ex


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Can it all work out?

How can you possibly break things off with your ex when you still have the same circle of friends, the same parties to attend and you risk running into each other almost every weekend? It was tough enough to split up the pots and pans, but how can you possibly split up your friends? It is hard to truly end things if you risk running into your ex at almost every social event. Although you may narrowly miss running into your ex at a football party, there is no chance that you will miss running into each other at a friend's nuptials.  

This challenge is a difficult one, but it is not impossible to manage. Here are a few tips for keeping the peace with your mutual friends, while minimizing contact with your ex.


1.  Express your thoughts and feeling to your mutual friends: Talk to your friends about your feelings surrounding the break up, and how you would feel if you ran into your ex. Let your friends know that you will need some time apart, and that emotionally it would be difficult to run into one another. If you do not find that your friends respect your feelings, you may want to sit down and have a talk with them so they can gain a better understanding of the situation and your boundaries. 7 Strategies To State Your Boundaries About Your Ex

2.  Avoid gossiping about your ex: We can all recall a time when gossip came back to bite us. Avoid talking in a disrespectful manner about your ex to your mutual friends. Chances are that if you talk about his inadequacies in bed or how many zeros were really on his paycheck, the gossip will come round circle. Also, remember that if your mutual friends engage in gossiping about your ex, chances are they are also gossiping about you to your ex. Follow the wise words of Benjamin Franklin who once said, "I will speak ill of no man, and speak all the good I know of everybody."

3. Ask your friends if your ex will be present: It is appropriate to ask your friends if your ex will be attending a party. Your friends should understand if you elect not to attend an event in order to keep your distance from your ex. Not only would it be awkward to run into your ex, but it would be even more uncomfortable to run into your ex's new love interest.

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