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Kimberly Seltzer - Dating Coach, Counselor/Therapist, Image Consultant, Matchmaker, Social Worker, Speaker/Presenter - Beverly Hills, CA

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My name is Kimberly Seltzer and I am an image expert, dating coach and matchmaker. I draw upon my experience as a therapist by using a true inside-out approach to my practice.

Everything I do really helps people with one overall goal and that is to feel good about you. Whether it’s putting on a pair of heels to gain a sexy swagger, smiling at a man in a coffee shop to invite conversation or learning to date with increased success, it’s all about gaining confidence.

Confidence is the number one element both men and women find attractive in one another. And when you feel confident, you attract love and opportunity in your life.

Today I help clients all over the world to unveil their most beautiful self. Whether it’s updating your image or transforming your dating life, my philosophy is simple... work from the inside-out to achieve your goals and boost your self-confidence.

So if you have a closet full of clothes from 1995, or you’re wearing thread-bare undergarments or you’re still in that same old bra that fit two kids ago, it’s time to step into the you that you’re meant to be.

Want to learn how to dress your best? Feel your best? Attract men like a magnet? Dress for a first day that’s guaranteed to lead to a second… I can get you there! Visit my website for your free e-book on what styles flatter your shape and take a look at my “before and after” work with clients; you’d be amazed what a few smart changes can do to your life!

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

The reason I am so passionate about what I do is that I have not only the professional experience, but have gone through a personal journey of my own. I really understand how empowering a transformation can be. After practicing as a therapist for over 10 years, I moved to California with my now “ex-husband” and young children.

As a new divorcee, I had to make a lot of changes... and they all started from the inside and out.

After losing a lot of "baby fat" weight, I got a new colorful wardrobe with better fitting clothes and started feeling better about myself. As my confidence grew, I started attracting more people (men included) and opportunities. The greatest of which was the opportunity to help others with these same painful issues and encourage their own personal transformation.

Today I love the work I do. It’s rewarding and inspiring to help other women create the life that they so deeply crave and it all starts with a simple decision to put yourself on your priority list and dive into the work of unveiling the remarkable you who is dying to come out!

Time in Practice10 years +
Additional ExpertiseCounselor/Therapist
Image Consultant
Social Worker
I offer my servicesAt my office
By Email
Willing To Meet in Public Locations like Starbucks (please inquire)
Via Skype
I am fluent inEnglish
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