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The Cheerios Commercial: Is Interracial Marriage Still Taboo?

The Cheerios Commercial: Is Interracial Marriage Still Taboo?

The cereal brand wanted to depict a real 'American family' and no one expected such harsh backlash.

As a person who has been in an interracial relationship, I was so encouraged to see the newest Cheerios commercial star a Caucasian mother, an African American father and their adorable biracial little girl. When the media begins to depict different types of families, the public may be exposed to difference in a way they wouldn't otherwise and exposure can promote acceptance. I believe it might open up a conversation about difference that could aid in understanding and it might sway public opinion so people who are in unconventional relationships don't have to cope with so much judgement.

Unfortunately, that's not how some people saw it. In fact, the comment section on YouTube for this commercial had to be disabled due to the racist comments that were being made. I did not see the comments prior to them be taken down, but I have seen other comments on other videos not posted by Cheerios. I was encouraged and disappointed at the same time to see some comments against black men being involved with white women, but the majority of the backlash I saw came from people who were against making this a racial issue. Many people were taking the position that judging this marriage was wrong. That was the encouraging part. (Get your free Relationships from the InsideOut Tip Sheet.) Keep reading...

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