14 Reasons For & Against Marriage


14 Reasons For & Against Marriage
Whether you want exclusivity or not, make sure you let your partner know the truth!

Statistics show younger people are more likely to have children than to get married. Older people who are getting involved romantically are finding less and less reasons to get married. Why has marriage gotten such a bad reputation?

  1. With the divorce rate at more than 50 percent, people don't have a lot of faith that marriage offers any kind of security anymore
  2. People have been living alone long enough to find it difficult to share living space again.
  3. People are living longer. It is hard to imagine being with one person for the rest of one's life.
  4. People want partners who are with them out of choice rather than obligation or a marriage license.
  5. People do not trust the promise marriage once held.
  6. People do not want to share their assets.
  7. People choose not to commit to maintain their freedom.

But just as there are reasons to not get married, there are other reasons to take the plunge and at least commit to an exclusive relationship. See my book, Secrets of Happy Couples for long-lasting relationship success stories.


  1. In exclusive relationships, there is no risk of sexually transmitted disease.
  2. Some believe a person can learn more about themselves in a committed relationship and can experience great personal growth.
  3. Companionship is a reason many get in exclusive relationships.
  4. Marriage can provide stability for children.
  5. People can save money on sharing expenses.
  6. A deep connection of trust and faith can develop in a long-term committed relationship.
  7. People may make a commitment so they are not alone.

Naturally there are many reasons on each side. I couldn't possibly list them all. And there is no right or wrong although everyone you know probably has a strong opinion about what you "should" do, regardless of your personal preferences. 

Take my free relationship assessments to determine if you and your loved one are compatible.

Each person must decide for him or herself what will best meet his or her needs. If you are in a relationship, it is important for you to communicate your position to your partner. Whether or not you want to be in an exclusive committed relationship is information your partner has a right to know. Keep reading ...

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