6 Myths About Sex After 50


Myths About Sex After 50
There's no age cap on a healthy sexual life.

It’s easy as we age, in the youth obsessed society we live in, to believe that sex is for the young and not something we can really enjoy when we are older.

Read the following statements about sex after age 50, and write down your best guess for each one: true or false. Then, read on for the answers. You may be surprised.


  1. We are less interested in sex as we age.
  2. Adventurous sex is only for the young.
  3. We will have problems with arousal as we age.
  4. Sex will be less frequent when we're older.
  5. Sex must involve intercourse and orgasm.
  6. Health problems and the menopause will end our sexual life.


1. We are less interested in sex as we age.

False: Nearly 9,000 people aged 50 or more were questioned about their sex lives by Populus on behalf of Saga Magazine for a recent survey. Almost three-fourths or 71 percent reported having a healthy sex life, compared to 65 percent in a similar study from 2007. While some said they had less sex than they did in their youth, many said they had more than when their children were small and they were working hard. A quarter of men and a third of women said it was much more enjoyable than it was in their 20s and 30s.

2. Adventurous sex is only for the young.

False: I think it depends what you call adventurous; some older couples do report that they no longer enjoy some positions, as their bodies are not as flexible. In a 2007 American survey at the University of Chicago of 3,005 people aged between 57 and 85, more than half of those aged under 75 said they gave or received oral sex, as did about a third of 75 to 85-year-olds. Older, more experienced lovers tend to be less inhibited.

3. We will have problems with arousal as we age.

False: Although men's erections generally occur faster when they are young, this is not a bad thing. Some men report how relieved they are about this change, as when they were young it felt like their arousal lead the way when they went into a room and they followed! Both men and women report that sex gets better as they get older because they know how to do it, and feel much more confident to ask for what they want. Keep Reading...

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