How To Meet New People... By Changing Your Attitude


How To Meet New People... By Changing Your Attitude
Meeting new people starts with opening your mind and heart to exciting new relationships.

It's normal to feel stuck in life at various times. When this happens, we have two choices: stay stuck or take responsibility for moving forward, even through the discomfort that comes with the unknown. Some people stay stuck for years or decades; some just long enough to recognize they're stuck before moving on. And some never move on, allowing beliefs that no longer serve them to dictate their lives. An example of one of these beliefs is, "I get what I deserve so this must be all I'm worth." In addition to this attitude defeating us, it's simply a false statement. We have the ability to change our circumstances and therefore our future.

One of the best ways to move forward when you feel stuck in a career, relationship, health goals, social life, spirituality or family is to learn how to meet new people who can inspire you, and act as positive role models. Therefore, you're seeking people who are moving forward in the area of life in which you want to progress. Here is where changing your attitude makes all the difference. Let me give you some examples.


Feeling Stuck In Your Health Goals?
You do the same thing every day, and it usually consists of worrying about everything you eat, focusing on how much weight you'll gain from that French fry that's calling your name or starving yourself. Still the pounds stay put. Every morning, you look in the mirror and feel tired and frustrated about your continuous battle with weight. New diets, new pills and new workouts haven't worked, and now you are dressed for work feeling defeated and depressed even before you leave home.

You need to meet new people, and not the ones who will commiserate with you about weighty issues. You're looking for those who are positive-minded and know that a healthy mind and healthy emotions equate to a healthy body. They may participate in fun outdoor activities or be inspiring accountability partners to work out with at the gym. They may just be a movie or coffee group. The key is, they are people you look forward to being with because you feel so good about yourself when you’re around them and vice-versa.

Change your attitude from, "I hate the way I look; I'm fat and I'll never loose this weight," to "I feel good about myself and meet fun, healthy people." See how the weight loss issue isn't even included in the new attitude? When you begin feeling better about yourself as a person, you'll notice progress in achieving your health goals. The universal law of vibration states that what you think about, you bring about. It works 24/7 whether you choose to believe it or not; it always has. Example: when you focus on weighing too much and how bad you think you look, you get more of both.

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