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Kathe Skinner (LMFT,MA)

Marriage and Family Therapist

You're smart, creative, and committed to yourself and each other. But just like Cinderella and Prince Charming, you've lost your glass slipper. See, once those mice stopped singing and the birds stopped helping Cindy with her hair, life around the castle looked pretty much the same as it does at your house. Fights about stupid things, sleeping on the sofa, not talking, no intimacy.  

You may have fears your relationship has gotten unhealthy, that the glass slipper slipped away for good.  But you may be surprised.

Negative feelings and behaviors are sometimes natural.   Who wouldn't be sad, depressed, angry, confused, stuck, afraid, or even numb when there are relationship problems? 

You're not sick or diagnosable. 

You don't need therapy, you need skills at caring for yourself as well as your partner and that includes better communication.

You don't need therapy, you need hope. And you've probably let things go so long that you feel about as hopeless as you've ever felt before.

In contrast "unhealthy couples", those couples not suited for my practice, have addiction problems, have one partner unsure about commitment to the relationship, or who are making a "last ditch effort" to save the relationship.

Of course you want the magic back!.  I helped Cindy and Prince find their glass slipper; I can help you, too.  

I'm skilled and experienced teaching you two

•   to care for yourself and your partner at the same time

•   to replace a bad fight with a good one

•   to understand and be understood

•   to express yourself in a non-threatening, blaming way

•   to get on the same page…quickly!

•   to restore intimacy

•   to each get what you want

•   to reach win-win solutions

•   to be glad you and your partner are together

•   to have hope for your relationship’s future 

These are the programs that make it happen:

•   6-Week Couple Communication Class 

•   Action Plan based on the strengths and weaknesses you actually “see”;
    compare to a sphere you create weeks down the road (Thrive Spheres) 

•   Graph satisfaction over time individually, interpersonally, socially, and overall (Client
    Directed Outcome Informed measurement tool)

•   Education on a range of relevant topics to couples (Teleseminar Series)

  • Choice of a variety of couples coaching plans, like video, e-mail, or phone contact, all with flexibility in cost and number of times we meet
  • Extended support available that keeps your relationship growing
  • Every connection we have is secure, encrypted, and federally-compliant so that your privacy is always protected


With humor, trustworthiness, and caring  I'm a kick in the butt, a safety net, a coach and teacher, a cheerleader, a translator, a soft place to land.  I'm gentle but direct in   my skill and knowledge in order to help you reach the goal you've set — a goal you decide, not me.  

So many of my clients tell me how relieved they are because I "get it".  I've been married, am married, have multiple sclerosis.  I've been on the other side of the couch, too, so I know all about those characteristics unhelpful helpers have. I've been around for more than 60 years.  So, yeah, I get it 

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The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Friends' two-year-old daughter and her little brother were in mom's car when it was t-boned on an icy road.  Except for the little girl, everyone else was only cut or bruised. She was paralyzed from the neck down and couldn't breathe, move, or speak.  

When she died a year later, I experienced the most intense grief I've felt before or since, and passed a year immersed in it.  When I finally came to, I realized that while I couldn't have done anything to help then, I could learn to help others have a voice in speaking their pain.

I've since come to understand that my grief and terror about what happened to that little girl triggered in me a recognition from my own childhood believing I couldn't "speak".

Kathe Skinner

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