Is Online Dating The Only Way To Find Love?


Is Online Dating The Only Way To Find Love? [EXPERT]
Plus, where to find potential mates in the real world.

In the technology age, there are many single people relying on dating sites to help them find a mate. I hear them complain about those sites and the process to finding a match.

So I recently asked someone, "What about meeting someone the old fashioned way, like through a friend or by saying hello to them in a coffee shop?" The answer was a resounding, "Oh, no. No one meets that way anymore."

But is that true? When I ask my friends and clients how they met their spouses, their answer usually isn't online.  The majority of people I come across that are with someone they met online don't leave the dating stage. Most date for a couple of years with no aim toward life-long commitment. Will Unfriending Your Ex Help You Move On?

I hear a variety of ways that people meet their spouses. They met in college, in their bicycling group, through friends, at church, in a bar or club, through a relative, at work and the list continues. So why is it that so many people think that the only way to meet someone is online?

One person told me it's because she works from home so she doesn't meet that many people. Another said she works too much in general to meet people. Yet another said she doesn't have any single friends to go out with.

When I suggest joining a club of some sort or even risking saying hello to a stranger, I'm pooh-poohed. "That just doesn't work." And I'm floored. How can we say that never works when so many people meet their partners this way?

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