How To Manage An Emotional Crisis Gracefully


Have you been called out just like Sandra Fluke?
Daily we can manage our emotions just fine, but in a crisis? That's a different story.

In our day to day lives we experience situations that not only challenge us mentally, but also emotionally and physically. Even those of us who choose to step into the light of the media and play a leadership role that is fueled by our passion and beliefs. We can be subject to challenges and crisis that stretch even our wildest imaginations.

Sandra Fluke, the woman who was unexpectedly verbally challenged by Rush Limbaugh last week, has had such an experience and we can only guess it has challenged her emotionally. When we experience such a challenge as Sandra has, we can liken it and our reactions to that of a serious trauma. Rush Limbaugh's Bold Remarks On Relationships & Marriage

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How we respond to this trauma will potentially erode our self-confidence and self-worth. When our confidence is rocked to the core, (whether or not we consciously put ourselves out in the light) then our ability to make positive and effective decisions is negatively affected. The cycle of negative impact continues through all of our life elements if we are not able to shift our perspective and take back control and the power of making strong decisions.

When our ability to make strong and confident decisions is weakened, then being able to prioritize our physical health and wellness through our nutritional choices is impacted. Just think back to when you are not feeling very confident, what are the types of foods that emotionally become attractive to you? 10 Ways To Cleanse An Ex From Your Life

Those only Mom can make? chocolate? heavy pasta? None of these are necessarily bad for you when eaten in moderation, but in large doses they will affect your energy levels, which in turn affects your ability to enjoy and participate in physical exercise. We all know that when we are not physically active our overall health and wellness begins to erode as well.

We don't have to be as physically fit as those we see in Shape Magazine or Men's Fitness, but we do need to be able to walk up a set of stairs easily, put on our shoes without straining, and of course keep up with our children. Having a level of physical wellness which empowers us to do daily activities easily enables you to manage an emotional crisis that much more effectively. The Effects Of Limbaugh's Nasty Name-Calling

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So what can you do if you find yourself in a similar situation as Sandra — being emotionally challenged, your confidence shaken, and potentially questioning your self-worth? Put a little more effort each day into being physically active. A few simple ideas might be to set a goal of walking a certain amount of steps each day; turn on some of your favorite dance music while making dinner or when you are cleaning to get your body moving to the groove, or take your dogs for an extra walk each day.

If you are gym fanatic, try to keep to your routine as much as possible. When you realize you haven't been to the gym in over a week, then allow yourself to accept this and be okay with the fact that you've not gone and set a goal to head to the gym at least once per week. Staying active physically will support you staying active mentally, which in the end allows you to stay active emotionally. Anti-Brides Are On The Rise [VIDEO]

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