The Top 5 Words & Phrases That Will Save Your Marriage


How to save your marriage with words
Learn language that promotes trust and connection in your relationship.

I wrote an article last month entitled, "5 Words That Will Ruin Your Marriage." It received a lot of attention — so much that I thought a follow-up article was in order. This one focuses on the five words and phrases that will save your marriage (or any relationship, for that matter). Remember, our words are very powerful. Learning to communicate in way that promotes trust, connection, and intimacy is well worth your time and effort. So here we go!

1. "Please." In a long-term marriage, it is easy to forget to say "please." Saying "please" lets your spouse know that you are making a request and not a demand or attempt to control. Over the years, it becomes easy for spouses to assume that they can tell their mate what to do without adding a please, but courtesy goes a long way.


2. "Thank you." Don't underestimate the power of these two small words. This demonstrates appreciation, so whatever form you decide to show and communicate appreciation, the spirit behind a simple "thank you" can transform your relationship and keep it strong. We all need to feel appreciated and there is often too little that goes around.

3. "I'm sorry." No, love does not mean never having to say you’re sorry. Be willing to take responsibility for your actions and words that have caused your mate pain. Making amends can save the day. Everyone makes mistakes, intentional or not. But when you take the time to acknowledge the mistake and its impact while demonstrating genuine regret, the healing process moves more quickly and will result in more intimacy, not less. Keep reading...

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