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Breaking Through Barriers To Achieve Limitless Love

You know what unconditional love is but you don't know how to do it. How come? Maybe it's because you've had your heart broken before and are afraid to open up again. Or maybe it's not something you grew up witnessing, and therefore don't have a solid foundation helping lead your way. ...

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The Key To A Simple Divorce? Letting Go

Divorce can be brutal or divorce can be an opportunity to grow. The key to a successful one is letting go of the beliefs, behaviors and stories that don't work in the here and now, and eventually clearing the patterns that got you into a bad marriage to begin with. But letting go is easier said than done. In ...

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Open Does Not Mean Vulnerable

Jane was dating two men at once and having trouble deciding who to choose. She listed all of John's wonderful qualities and all of Steven’s wonderful qualities and remarked, "If I could just put the two of them together I'd have the perfect man." When asked why she didn't just date ...

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To Meet A Loving Man, Believe That Men Are Loving

While observing flirting practice during one of my classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education, I noticed one of my students shrink into herself, fold her arms over her chest, and start to shake. Since flirting requires an open, friendly, and welcoming attitude, I wondered about her behavior. "I guess ...

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Dr. Judith Swack

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Articles by Dr. Judith Swack
Love: How To Love Unconditionally In Your Relationship & Marriage

Breaking Through Barriers To Achieve Limitless Love

Sometimes it's as easy as just asking what your partner needs.

Divorce Coach: Divorce Advice For How To Move On

The Key To A Simple Divorce? Letting Go

Are you being seduced by bad behavior?

So In Love

Open Does Not Mean Vulnerable

Emotional openness is the key to connection.

Release Your Abandonment Issues & Meet Men

To Meet A Loving Man, Believe That Men Are Loving

Most men are kind and caring — don't let fear stop you from finding someone special.

Dr. Judith Swack

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