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 As a Ph.D. Biochemist/Immunologist, teacher, healer and visionary, Dr. Judith Swack has synthesized biomedical research with research from non-medical systems since 1981. The results are an innovative and powerful methodology with transformative results. Dr. Swack has additional formal training and certification in NLP as a Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy and Systematic Applied Kinesiology. She has published and been cited in professional journals and speaks regularly at international conferences.

Additionally, Dr. Swack conducts training in HBLU™ methodology for healthcare and mental healthcare professionals. Her techniques are reproducible and many social workers, counselors, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, nurses, physicians, and naturopaths have found their practices greatly enhanced by the inclusion of HBLU™. In fact, Continuing Education credits are available for social workers, counselors and nurses.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Development of the HBLU Methodology

I was 30 years old and progressing well in my scientific career, but my love life was a disaster.  I wondered why I kept attracting the same unavailable men in different bodies over and over again.  I began to question my intelligence.  Fortunately, one of the men I dated recommended a self-help workshop called Actualizations. There I encountered the concept of the unconscious mind.  I was astonished.  I had been completely unconscious of this area of my being that ran 90% of my life!  I was relieved to realize that the problems in my love life were due to damage patterns in my unconscious mind and not some problem with my intelligence. 

From that moment on, whenever I noticed that I (and eventually the people I treated) was not getting results in some area of my life I asked the questions, “What else is there and am I looking in the right place for the answer?”  Then I asked, “How can I communicate with, and heal, the damage in my unconscious mind so that I can have better control over my life?”  Since many of the methods of the Actualization training came from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I trained in NLP and began my career as a mind-body healer.  My training continued with a Ph.D. in biochemistry, postdoctoral training in human immunology, master practitioner certification in NLP, and Energy Psychology techniques (to name a few).  My personal healing resulted in the complete disappearance of allergies and asthma, marriage to a wonderful man, and a daughter who is the delight of my life.

Understandably, helping people get happily married is one of my very favorite things to do!

Dr. Judith Swack

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Dr. Judith Swack

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Dr. Judith Swack

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