Why Your Broken Heart May Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You

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John Gray (author of 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus') on the hidden perks of breaking up!

I’ve been married to my wife Bonnie for 30 years. But before that, I was married to another woman—which is why it was very traumatic when she fell in love with somebody else.

I loved her, but it wasn't enough.

But there was a silver lining. In the end, my ability as a therapist went up a thousand times having gone through that experience. Although your breakup may hurt now, there will be a day where you can say, "Thank you because I became a better person from this."

So when people come to me, I stress that with help, they can end their pain without trying to push it down—without trying to ignore it. At the end of the day, you have to move beyond the pain.

You may want to push it away at first, but you know subconsciously that you have to embrace it. And then share it with someone who you know will hear you out.

When your heart is broken, you're also concerned about whether you'll ever be able to find love again. One of the oldest sayings in the world is absolutely true if you look into it, which is "When one door closes, another door opens."  

To close the door means to work through all of these feelings and come back to that place of gratitude, where you can remember being in love with that person.

When you can truly open your heart, you're no longer in love with them. Yes, you wish them well but you realize that they're not your life. That doesn't mean that you can't choose to have them as a friend.

But you have to be ready to open your heart again because you won't be able to find the right person, or the right loving relationship, when your heart is closed. Instead, you'll just get into a relationship that is a mirror of your own broken heart.

But remember that one door opens when the other one closes. Closing the door means closure; working through these feelings will help you get back in touch with your heart.

When your heart is open, you are able to fully give and receive love again. You deserve a life filled with love, deeply connected to your ultimate love, your Soul Mate. I teach people how to open their hearts and find love again at my Soul Mate Seminars. You can find out more about my Soul Mate Seminars here.


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