How To Ask Questions Without Interrogating Your Date


How To Ask Questions Without Interrogating Your Date
This article reveals how to screen your dates and figure out which men are worth pursing.

You’re on a date with a guy and you want to figure out quickly if he is the type of guy you should pursue.

You know from your past experience that you haven’t been the best judge of men and as a result you have wasted precious time on guys who are not right for you.


Would you like to learn how to figure out if a guy is worth pursuing in just a few minutes? Well, there’s only one way to do that…ask him questions. When I say ask him questions I don’t mean you should sit across from him with a clipboard and a list of the top 100 questions you want answers to. That is not an interview, it is an interrogation.

The difference between asking a guy a few questions and interrogating him is the difference between a lightning bug and lightning. One is cute and harmless and the other one will cause major destruction.

The best way to accomplish this is to ask with a natural state of curiosity.For instance let's say you are looking for a long term relationship leading to marriage. A great question that can be worked into the conversation would be: "Hey Bob, where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

If Bob starts talking about his career don't get all frustrated and start trying to force him to give you the answer you are looking for. Because his answer may be more revealing than you realize. 

It may give you a good glimpse at who he is and his outlook on life.  Does he even have a vision and plan for his future? Or is he a guy who just lives for the now (who wouldn't be ideally suited for a long term commited relationship)?

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