5 Reasons You're a Good Catch and Still SIngle


5 Reasons You're a Good Catch and Still SIngle
This article describes the top 5 reasons a woman, who is looking for love, may still be single

When it comes to dating there are certain number of women who feel that because they are a good catch the relationship gods are being cruel to them. They look around at their friends and loved ones who are happily married or in relationships and think that they have been cursed because they don't have that special someone to share their life with. I can understand.

For years I felt the same way. I sat by and rode the dating and relationship roller coaster for years as all of my friends and family members got married and started having families. Why was it that they found their mates easily and kept struggling year after year? I ultimately learned that there were no relationship gods who favored one more than another.


Ultimately I learned that no matter how much of a good catch one was there were only 5 reasons those who wanted to be in a relationship were still  single.

If everyone is telling you what a great catch you are but you still haven't found that special someone to share your life with you might want to look at the following list. Based on my experiences these are the only reasons a woman is a good catch and still single:

1) You're not over your past - Once we've had our hearts broken it's very hard to let go of that memory because of the fear that it will happen again. When we are little we learn that if we touch the stove we get burned. The pain of that one experience let's us know that if we touch hot things we feel pain. As a result we quickly learn to avoid those things which are hot. When it comes to dating, being "burned" often causes us to avoid situations or relationships where we fear it may happen again

2) You make bad choices - One of the things I learned in my journey was that I was responsible for the choices I made (or didn't make) in my relationships. If I had a bad relationship it was because I chose to be with someone who didn't make me happy. It wasn't their fault, it was mine. The results of our life are in direct proportion to the quality of our choices and decisions. If you are currently single and you're frustrated with the men you have been involved with you might want to see where the choices you made helped contribute to your misery. If you do notice you made some bad choices don't beat yourself up over them. Use them as learning expereinces to make better and smarter chocies the next time around.

3) You're waiting for it to happen- The odds that the doorbell is going to ring and the cable guy is going to walk in and be the man of your dreams is very slim. You can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket and you can't get in shape just by joining a gym. Just because you joined an online dating site and you've filled out your profile doesn't mean it's going to happen for you.

You've got to get off your butt and take action....consistent action! Those people who succeed in life do so because they put themselves in position to win. Do they win all the time? NO. They get knocked down and lose more times than they win. But they don't give up. They realize the prize is worth the time and effort they put out.

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