3 Signs Which Indicate a Guy is a Keeper


3 Signs Which Indicate a Guy is a Keeper
Read this article to discover the 3 signs which reveal a guy is worth holding on to.

Have you ever dated someone and got to that crossroads in your relationship where you were wondering if it was worth going forward? You knew that he was a decent guy. But was he “THE” guy that you want to spend the rest of your life with?

And the more you debated this with yourself, the more you drove yourself crazy? Right?


The truth is deciding on the person that you can spend the rest your life with is probably one of the most difficult and challenging decisions a human being will ever make.

But as the old expression goes, “Love is a two-way street.” But unfortunately, for many women, the guys they decide to marry don’t often provide the level of love that is required to be happy.

So I have created three guidelines that will help you recognize when you should move forward in your relationship and take it to the next level, and when you should run.

Now, before I give you the three guidelines, I want to preface it by saying there must be a level of attraction between you and the man you’re with. I don’t care if your Mother Theresa, but if you are going to be in a relationship till ‘death do us part’, there absolutely, positively, must be some level of attraction.

Now, that doesn’t mean that every time you walk into the door your panties get wet and you have to jump his bones. That is not attraction that is lust and infatuation. Being attracted to someone simply means that you could play tonsil hockey and have sex with them without having to close your eyes and pretend that they’re someone else.

And the good news is that attraction is a very subjective thing. What you find attractive, your girlfriend may find repulsive (and vice versa). I always believed that looks open up the door, but it is the essence of the person and who they are and how they treat you that determines whether or not you want to enter and stay.

I’m going to assume that if you are in a relationship with a guy for a little while that you are attracted to him on some level. And once you clear this hurdle, I believe there are three signs which are great indicators as to whether or not the guy you’re with is marriage material.

Sign #1: You are CONSISTENTLY Happy and Fulfilled – the telltale sign that the guy you’re with is worth spending your life with is how consistently happy and fulfilled you are in your relationship. And the key word to focus on here is consistently. Whenever you have two individuals who are in relationship it is almost impossible for both people to agree and see things the same way 100% of the time. As human beings we grow up with different experiences, different upbringings and different influences all of which shape the way we see and do things. But the most successful relationships are those where both individuals are able to consistently meet and fulfill the needs of their partner. And if you pick a partner who consistently does this from the beginning, you greatly increase your chances of having the type of marriage and relationship that you really desire.

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