3 Reasons a Man Doesn't Call When He Says He Will

3 Reasons a Man Doesn't Call

This article reveals the 3 most common reasons why a man doesn't call when he says he will.

Have you ever had a man tell you after your date that he had a great time and that he'd call you? Over the next couple of days you wait with nervous excitement for the phone to ring and each time it does you jump up, race over to the phone, check the caller ID and then feel a huge sense of disappointment as you realize it's not him. As the days pass you go over the date in your mind over and over looking for answers as to why he's not calling.

Well, there is a reason he's not calling and contrary to what you think the odds are he didn't lose your number and he isn't lying in the hospital in a coma. Below are the three most common reasons men don't call when they say they will.

1) He is not interested in you-I know this may be hard to understand, especially after the great time you thought you had on your date but if he is not calling it is a sign that calling you and setting up another date is simply not that important to him. For whatever reasons he has decided that seeing you again is not at the top of his priority list.

2) He's only interested in sex-Yes, believe it or not, there are some men out there who are only interested in sex. These type of men have an uncanny sense of recognizing which women they can get into bed very quickly and which ones will require too much effort. Growing up men are taught "there are girls you take home to meet mom & there are girls you don't". No matter how you may feel about this statement denying exists is like sticking your head in the sand. If a guy is only interested in sex and he doesn't call you back it's because he knows that you will require too much time and energy to get you into bed. He simply moves on to finding someone who is much more willing to "put out".

3) He is a coward - One of the most common questions I'm asked is "Why didn't he call?". My answer always is: "Because he's a coward". It is easier to lie and tell a woman what she wants to hear than it is to look her in the face and tell her the truth. Unfortunately, many men lack the balls to tell a woman the truth.

I realize that these three reasons may enhance the stereotype that men don't know how to treat women. But understand that are plenty of women who do the same thing to men. Human beings often have a hard time being honest with each other, especially if they know what they have to say is going to hurt someone. So instead of being honest, they simply lie or avoid contact with that person.

The next time a guy doesn't call when he says he will, and your asking yourself "Why?", refer to this list, pick one of the 3, don't waste any more of your energy on trying to figure it out and simply say to yourself "Next!"

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