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Lies we tell Ourselves about Sex

Lies we tell Ourselves about Sex

The inspiration to write about this came to me at the hairdresser's where a lot of meaningless chatter is quietly (or not so quietly) whispered. I wrote blog entry last year on my main blog, The Angel's Loft, but it still pertains today to what a lot of women think. A "Booty" call - in the middle of the night. SOME women insist they are fine with it. Other women will comply hoping that by allowing it, there's more in store down the road. What do you think?

I know from my rudimentary research of around ten 20-something males, that once a woman is "categorized" into a particular slot in the rolodex, seldom does she move from that position. I suppose it's just another one of those mysteries of how Men and Women think differently....

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