Why EVERY Guy Should Be Going Down On His Girl

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Ladies like oral too, you know!

Call me creepy, call me weird, call me crazy, but whenever I meet a guy, I always want to ask them about what seems like the grossest and most uncomfortable thing in the world: the oral sex question.

How often do you go down on your girlfriend

Surprisingly, about 85 percent of the guys I've asked this question of say they would only do it if they either:

  1. Were drunk.
  2. Were on drugs.
  3. Received it first.

Now, I know where most of them are coming from. Oral sex isn't for everyone, and when you're not in a long-term relationship,  getting that close to a penis or vagina can be a scary thing. I myself agree with this 110 percent. I wouldn't take a risk like that, either.

But when you ARE in a long-term relationship and you give your woman little to no cunnilingus, this is often a HUGE problem.

Not only is oral sex a pleasurable experience for a female, but it makes her feel more comfortable before sex, can help make penetration less painful and give her multiple orgasms before actual intercourse takes place. Oral sex is as important to women as it is to men, and not only due to the pleasure aspect.

When you give your girl oral sex, you give her a sense of security, confidence and relaxation. You give her a sense of worship and the idea that you care about the way she feels and that you want to please her, not just you. And most importantly, you're showing her that you love and want her so much that you're not disgusted by her genitalia because you're comfortable around her.

I'm not saying oral sex defines your entire relationship. You and your partner are the reason behind why your relationship is or is not successful or long-lasting. However, I've been in several relationships with both men and women, and I can honestly say only one of the boyfriends I've ever had provided me with more than enough oral sex because he loved doing it. It made me feel sexy, like he wanted me, and like he loved me enough to consider my needs as well.

I've been in many other long-term relationships and on many dates with other men. I've met many different guys and known them for a while, but not ONE of them cared enough about my sexual needs and satisfaction to suggest oral sex, and God forbid they just went ahead and did it. 

This was a huge turn-off for years, and even though this wasn't the reason behind me breaking it off with them, it certainly was a problem. The fact that they just plainly refused to go down on me and made up excuses to avoid it not only made them look selfish, but it made me feel that they just didn’t care as much about me and my feelings as much as they did their own. I was giving 100 percent to these guys who were only giving me about 85 percent.

It's really up to you whether or not your girlfriend's satisfaction and overall happiness means as much to you as yours. When you give your woman oral, you're showing her that you're considerate of her happiness and fulfillment as much as, or perhaps more than, your own.

It's a great feeling, both sexually and emotionally, for the two of you, and if it isn't something that you're used to, you've been missing out. Having a relationship means satisfying your needs in new and creative ways and expanding your horizons. So what are you waiting for?

If you neglect her, she will stray and start looking for someone who will give her what you don't. So if you love her and want her, do yourself a favor and don't get grossed out. If you do, just do it for the sake of saving your relationship from getting even more complicated. Just because she hasn't fully discussed with you what makes her unhappy, probably to try to avoid a fight, does not mean she is 100 percent happy.

Remember, not all women like giving oral and swallowing, but we do it anyway.

This article was originally published at How To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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