8 Rules To Avoid Fighting With Your Hot-Tempered Man


8 Rules To Avoid Fighting With Your Hot-Headed Man [EXPERT]
Somebody needs a chill pill.
Restraint is sometimes the best way to handle a hot-tempered partner.

For diffusing an extremely tense situation caused by your hot-tempered boyfriend, there's one golden rule to follow: stop speaking before he has to tell you himself. It's really that simple. He can't argue by himself. For those of you who need a more detailed strategy, please continue reading. Help! My Boyfriend & I Always Argue

There is nothing worse to a hot tempered man, than a woman who will not stop speaking and who does not truly listen but always wants to be heard. Her continuous dialog is simply fuel for the fire of a hot-tempered man. If you can learn to control your tongue, then 99% of the battle is won. (James 3:4-6) The Bible describes the tongue as the most dangerous weapon among the parts of our body.

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If you can learn to control your tongue, you can easily master a hot-tempered man. Here are eight rules to follow to avoid these high-pressure situations all together.

1. Be silent. Be quiet and listen very carefully to what is being said. Never say, "I hear you," while not listening. Let me say it again ... never let the words 'I hear you" come out of your mouth. Hearing your man does not imply that you are listening and comprehending. A man who is very intelligent and hot-tempered will easily pick up on your condescending response, and it will only piss him off more.

2. Less is more. Less is always better when dealing with a hot-tempered man. Remember this simple phrase: less is more. The less you say, the more effective your speech will be when you do decide to say something. The less you move your body and your head, the less attitude you have and the less frustration in your tone of voice. The less you say, the better your chances are of diffusing a hot-tempered man. 2 Tips For Fighting Fair In Intimate Relationships

Who will he have to argue with if you do not participate? In general, he will eventually calm himself down after he realizes you are not participating but rather, intently listening. If you truly listen and let him rant and rave and get it off his chest, you will indeed be in the driver's seat. It is really that simple ...the answer is doing the opposite of what you would naturally want to do.

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3. You need real strength. Strength is not how loudly you talk or how much you talk back. Strength is having the discipline to exercise the restraint necessary to allow the MOYD (Man of Your Dreams) to cool down. We know you want to say something, but it is a no-win situation if you do. You must turn the other cheek and allow the wrath to pass you by.

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