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Dr. Susan Campbell (MA,PhD)

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How To Stop Reactive Communication

If you have, you may have learned that any attempt to resolve an issue with a partner once someone is triggered into a fight-flight-freeze reaction is like trying to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on it. You'll do more damage than good because the part of your brain designed for battle and survival has ...

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What To Do When Love Hurts

Why do we fear intimacy even as we also need and want it? Perhaps the biggest fear in intimacy is the secret fear most people carry around that their past unfinished business will get re-stimulated in their present relationships and cause them to feel hurt or want to run away. These old fears are called buttons ...

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3 Secrets To Strengthen Your Long-Term Relationship

It's an unfortunately common issue among long-term couples: They eventually get stuck in a pattern. That pattern can take a variety of forms in their relationships — avoiding certain topics, feeling bored, walking on eggshells, frequent;y fighting or ...

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13 Ways To Revive Intimacy In A Long-Term Relationship

Our expert tips for how to revive intimacy in a long-term relationship. Teresa Atkin's tips: Human brains are wonderfully complex, and don't always work in our best interests. For example, did you know that our perception of pleasure changes ...

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How I Let Go Of My Resentment Toward My Mom

I became a relationship coach to help understand and accept my own relationship hang-ups, most of which can be traced back to my relationship with my mother. Infants need lots of touch and holding in order to develop what psychologists call "secure ...

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How To Stop Reactive Communication

Have you ever tried to resolve a conflict when tempers are ignited?

Oh My

What To Do When Love Hurts

We all get our "buttons" pushed by the one we love. Here's how to interrupt vicious reactive cycles.

secrets to a long-term relationship

3 Secrets To Strengthen Your Long-Term Relationship

These simple practices will deepen your bond as a couple.

13 Ways To Revive Intimacy In A Long-Term Relationship

13 Ways To Revive Intimacy In A Long-Term Relationship

Three YourTango Experts share how to bring emotional and sexual closeness back to your relationship.

healing a mother-daughter relationship

How I Let Go Of My Resentment Toward My Mom

I knew that if I ever wanted to have a relationship with her, I had to put it all out on the table.

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