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Dr. Susan Campbell (MA,PhD)

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5 Steps to Becoming More Spontaneous With Internet Dating

I am a big fan of internet dating sites—for many reasons, including the fact that I met my life partner through eHarmony.  But an equally important reason is the opportunity these sites offer my coaching clients for practicing and honing their communication skills. Dating sites are a great place ...

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Do You Communicate To Relate Or To Control?

  In my research (published in the book, Getting Real: 10 Truth Skills You Need To Live An Authentic Life) I discovered that 90% of most peoples' communication is motivated by the unconscious intent to contol. Do you communicate to relate or to control? And do you know the ...

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Might As Well Face It: Telltale Signs Of Love Addiction

Relationship addiction might be called "the hidden epidemic." You could be a love or relationship addict without even knowing it because your symptoms are only triggered by a certain type of person. You might be a sucker for the mysterious, silent, withholding type or the demanding, controlling type or ...

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7 Sexy Ways To Celebrate Long-Term Love

Every year, Valentines Day reminds us to celebrate romantic love. How are you going to acknowledge that special someone this February 14? If you have young kids, or if you've been married quite a while, you may need some help priming the proverbial pump. ...

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What Makes You Feel Loved?

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and love is in the air. But did you know that love means different things to different people? When Don says, “I love you,” he may be thinking about how hot the sex is. When Marcia hears these words, she may think, “Wow! He’s committed to ...

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Articles by Dr. Susan Campbell

5 Steps to Becoming More Spontaneous With Internet Dating

Dating sites are a great place for “practicing being yourself.” Learn to use dating as as practice.


Do You Communicate To Relate Or To Control?

Relating builds trust and intimacy. Controlling fosters defensiveness and resistance.

Rihanna & Chris Brown

Might As Well Face It: Telltale Signs Of Love Addiction

YourTango Expert Susan Campbell offers sound advice to Rihanna and women like her.

sexy kitchen couple

7 Sexy Ways To Celebrate Long-Term Love

All it takes is a little imagination to keep your romance alive.

Candy Hearts

What Makes You Feel Loved?

Don't Get Blindsided By Secret Expectations and Unspoken Assumptions

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Saying What's Real: 7 Keys to Authentic Communication and Relationship Success
Whether with friends, lovers, neighbors, ...
By Ph.D. Susan Campbell
Truth in Dating: Finding Love by Getting Real
Truth in Dating provides a set of simple yet ...
By Susan Campbell
Getting Real: Ten Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life
Everyone values honest communication, yet few ...
By Ph.D. Susan Campbell

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