Want Better Oral Sex For Women? Do Tongue Exercises


Want Better Oral Sex For Women? Do Tongue Exercises

For those new to my blog, I sometimes write on my and others' sex life, in erotica form, because many of us need only read of an example of what really is possible. It so often lights a desire to "Want to do that. Feel that." A want to learn how to have better sex through sex life coaching, maybe for the first time in their lives. I also intend to present to my readers the reality of great sex at any level of sophistication. I partner-teach with a sex therapist and their clients sometimes, but I don't do sex therapy. I'm a sex life coach. I teach and I do.

My lover Kira and I just had her first orgasm with me via oral sex. She has a clitoris that wants a lot of direct stimulation. Right on the glans. No to the right or left of it, no avoiding direct clitoral stimulation till the end; it's straight on, rock on, and don't stop till she comes loud and proud. She told me she has a love-hate relationship with oral sex because while it feels good, even the best tongues don't have the stamina or strength to provide the required intensity level for her to reach her clitoral orgasm.


The first time we did it, it was foreplay to get her even more soaked than she already was. The second time, we stopped and did some communication about it in the moment, then moved to her preferred vibrator. Getting head gets her hard and wet, but her favorite vibe, the Mystic Wand, is her go-to combined with a hard penis moving where hard penises move best inside her. It's okay with me if that's what her body needs. I agree with my mentor, Betty Dodson, that if a vibrator is a woman's preferred form of clitoral stimulation, she shouldn't be made to feel bad or less than because that is the case. Ever. Not from anyone. If you can't handle it, walk. She'll find someone who can. You get the idea. Now, if she decides she wants to explore orgasm without a vibe, then I join in to be a part of creating that over time, for as long as she has an interest in developing it.

I'd decided to add some extra stimulation to the mix on the night the very lovely Kira came all over my face. For whatever reason, I'd not gone that route yet. Probably because our intercourse is so good that we lose it and rush ahead to that. This time I forced my hard cock to wait and her aroused pussy to take something different as an appetizer. In this case, the Fun Factory brand "Bubbles" toy. It's one of their bestsellers and among the sex toys I suggest to my sex life consulting clients. I pumped her vagina and gspot with a specific technique I teach while my firey intention and tongue joined to do their most aggressive, unrelenting below-job on her hard clit and achy-wet pussy.

Kira's pretty flat tummy went taught from arching her back from the multi-layered pleasures inside and out of her curvacous lower body. Gradually, the arches came more often till her bubble-curved, hard-yet-soft ass lifted up off the mattress just before slamming back down and bucking over and over to cope with the strength of the climaxing superpleasure in her clitoris. That high, feminine voice lost some of its sweetness and went primal, but still very femmy-- as beautiful as it was erotic. The technique I used inside her with the toy helped a great deal, she said afterwards, my head resting on her inner thigh.

Kira also said that the vibe inside, (which the Bubbles can do too) at least at the setting I used, wasn't significant enough to add to her pleasure experience.

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