The Shocking Truth Behind Soulmate Love & Other Miracles


The Shocking Truth Behind Soulmate Love & Other Miracles
It’s a shock that most people say they already know but fail to embrace.

When I say shocking, I mean shocking. It’s a shock that most people say they already know but fail to embrace. Just like most people SAY they don’t watch much TV, or don’t text/talk and drive, and well…someone is watching all that TV, and someone is (sadly) making DWT stats shoot through the roof. Someone…someplace…but not you, not me, oh no, not us…

The shocking truth is that soulmate love happens because of…failure.

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Yes, the shocking truth behind soulmate love and every other miracle is failure. Massive, painful, heartbreaking, hurtful, embarrassing, and hopeless failure.

But are we failures? Oh no, not us, not you, not me, someone someplace, but not us…oh no. Failure isn’t the whole experience, but it’s a part of it, a big part of it, but most people lose their taste for failure early on in life, so they avoid it at all costs. The one sure fire way to not fail is to not try. And there-in lays the shocking truth. I’m with my soulmate right now, this summer we are celebrating 10 years of blissful love because I failed in love. I suffered heartbreak, I was a mess, I hurt, I hurt others, I embarrassed myself, I felt hopeless, looked hopeless, felt stupid, asked for help, messed up again anyway, again and again, and kept on…trying… learning, growing, and never gave up.

Most people are not trying to find love, they are trying not to fail. Trying not to look stupid, not to embarrass themselves, not to get hurt again, trying not to look like they are trying…so they can never ever look like they are failing.

Any miracle I have ever experienced – and I count much of life in addition to my life itself as a miracle – is the result of massive failure. I’ve failed repeatedly and embarrassingly with money, so I now enjoy abundance most only dream of. I’m healthy and vibrant at age 45, feeling stronger and more vibrant every day and increasing my energy and vitality because I’ve experienced and had very close to me painful and heartbreaking health failure. I feel blessed by, guided and protected by, and closer to God/Spirit/The Universe because I cursed and smashed against the idea of anything beyond myself and outside of myself…only when my smarts failed to bring me true inner happiness did I allow the Universe to guide and help me.

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