Red Hot Sex: 5 Secrets For A Lifetime of Passion


Red Hot Sex: 5 Secrets For A Lifetime of Passion

Everyone wants a great sex life, but few people know how to achieve it and even fewer know how to maintain it in a long-term relationship.  Couple’s try new positions and look for “sexy” things to wear.  They try to improve their communication and relationship skills.  But to really have a great sex life you have to know the secrets of what it means to be male and female.  And learn the dance of creative connection. 

Sex Secret #1:  The Market Place Is a Bad Place for Sex Education


There are “boy” things and “girl” things.  We are not unisex beings no matter how politically correct we try and be.  However, what the salesmen of the world tell us about the essence of gender is not to be trusted.  When I got my first bicycle and was told the “boy bikes” had a bar across and the “girl” bikes didn’t, I rebelled.  I was well aware that boys had vulnerable sex parts that hung down in front and that riding a bike could be a dangerous activity (particularly when learning).  It was obvious to me that bouncing off the seat onto a hard metal bar was not good for my boy parts and I would be much safer having a bike with a scoop in front. 

I did get teased for riding my bike and I learned to stand up for my own male essence.  We need to stand up for who we really are as males and females.

Sex Secret #2:  Understand Why Sperm Are From Males, Eggs Are From Females

There is a lot of confusing talk about “males” and “females” these days, but it’s important to remember that biologists have a very clear and specific definition.  Whether they are studying ferns, fish, or human beings, males are the ones who produce lots of small gametes (sex cells) and females are the ones who produce a smaller number of larger gametes. 

Nature has worked it out for the small gametes to fuse with the large gametes to begin the process of creating the next generation.  Since it’s easier to move the small gametes to the large ones, rather than vice versa, it is the sperm that seeks out the egg and must then be “chosen.”

How big are eggs compared to sperm?  Although the human egg is microscopic, it is large enough to house 250,000 sperm.  Eggs weigh 85,000 times as much as sperm.

Biologically speaking eggs (and women) are the more valuable resource.  Sperm (and men) are more expendable. 

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