6 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Partner

6 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Partner

6 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Partner

Ever get tired of giving the same things over & over? Spice up your gift giving & amaze your lover!

The holiday season is upon us once again. It seems that more people than not buy gifts for the holidays. Yet, sometimes it gets to be a hassle. We can get into a rut when it comes to buying gifts. 5 Tips To Help You Gift When You're A New Couple

We buy the same stuff over and over again. Where is the excitement? What are you planning to buy your partner this year? Another sweater? Another tie? Another bottle of cologne or perfume? Or the dreaded package of new cotton underwear?

Okay, so maybe he/she needs these things, but what about spicing things up? Give your partner something hot and sexy that he/she never expected. Share a very intimate moment in which the two of you can deepen your bond. Honor your beloved by helping others.


Here are 6 new gift ideas that won't be the same old thing for your someone special:

1. Sexy Challenges — Sexy Challenges are exciting scenarios meant for couples to experience new, creative, and fun ways to rekindle and enhance their passion. Each challenge explains what you as a couple will need and offers suggestions of places to experience the challenge. Sexy Gifts To Put On Your Naughty Wish List

They are available on iTunes, the Kindle or the Nook. You could even consider picking up a new Kindle Fire and loading it up with some sexy challenges ... that would really light your partner's "fire". Sexy Challenges are going like hotcakes right now on iTunes. They have even made it to number 1 under Family and Relationships!

2. Intimate Adventures — Would you rather not give such a hot and sexy gift to your partner? Then consider Intimate Adventures: Sacred Ceremonies for Couples. These ceremonies and rituals can help you transform your relationship and your life. They help you learn how to bring spirituality into your relationships whether or not you are religious or spiritual.

Some will bring the spiritual into your sexual relationship, while others bring the spiritual into your emotional intimacy. We are all spiritual beings; therefore, connecting to our souls and spirits can create a great difference in our lives. These exercises help you and your partner continually grow and expand as individuals and as a couple. These are also available for the Kindle and the Nook.

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