How Do You Date A Divorced Guy? Think BEERS


How Do You Date A Divorced Guy? Think BEERS
Understand the mindset of the divorced man to develop successful dating strategies; think BEERS!

Now I’m not talking about knowing which beer has the most alcohol content so you can get him drunk and have your way with him. Nor am I suggesting giving him his favorite beer as a birthday or Christmas gift. On second thought that’s not a bad idea. Rather, “BEERS” signifies a change of mind; relate to the experience from the divorce man’s point of view to improve your dating success. The enduring fights, false accusations, financial stress, reduced time with kids and a host of other issues can be more dramatic than a Shakespearian play. Once the divorce dust settles, finding peace and warmth in a woman’s arms is like … having a cold beer after working long hours on a hot day (think like a guy)!

How does a woman create that warmth? Understanding the mindset of the divorced man will make you more attractive and help you craft successful dating strategies. What strategies should develop? Know the pros and cons of “BEERS” (like I said, you have to think like a man):


"B"e patient about meeting kids.

  • Pro - One very attractive quality is the type of mom you will be to his kids. But being eager to be involved with the kids is a sign of insecurity; you’re trying to capture him via getting attached to his kids. You should wait at least six to nine months before doing things with his kids. Being too eager to meet and be involved with his kids will turn a good divorced man away.
  • Con - If he wants you to get involved with his kids quickly, that’s a sign of fear; fear of being alone, not being a good dad or feeling insecure. If you neet a man like this, blow him off like the bitter head of a beer.

"E"x-wife is friend not foe.

  • Pro – Become friend with the ex-wife. As a father, a step-father, and my sons having step-fathers it is natural for a man to fear that your kids may not love you as much as the new step parent. This also holds true for women. Becoming the friend of the ex-wife assures her that you are not trying to “steal” her kids. This will help create a great relationship with her and your divorced guy.
  • Con - not all ex-wife’s are open to this. A rocky relationship with the ex can cause strain on the relationship. But don’t judge the divorced man by his ex-wife; her “female dog-type” demeanor is perhaps why he divorced her. Cool off your communication with her will create a smoother relationship, like a nice wheat ale.

"E"motional support creates attractiveness.

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