Healing An Unhappy Childhood...For An Amazing Adulthood


Life Coach: Healing An Unhappy Childhood To Be Happy Today
Embrace your past pains to flourish in adulthood.

So you had an unhappy childhood. Join the club! Childhood is the foundation of our lives and so it's natural for events that occur early in your life to follow you around like a dark shadow. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Whether you were abused, bullied or left alone too much, the pain that occured in the past has no room in the present. And you owe it to yourself to heal and move on to a productive and happy life that you deserve today. We're asking our family and relationships experts to explore the topic of an unhappy child to explain what it really is and how to flourish despite your dark experiences. 


We're excited to share what we learned with you: "We're all impacted by the events that occurred and the messages we heard when we were growing up. Even the events that were occurring and the emotions that were flowing within our mother while she was carrying us — this impacts us" notes relationship expert Jane Warren. 

And we all want to be happy, right? "Happy has become a loaded term in the USA. For the most part advertising that tells us what 'happy' is supposed to be," says life coach Larry Cappel. 

Ultimately, it's vital to come to terms with what has happened to you. "Face and accept that the things that happened to you, actually happened," advises Warren. 

There is more advice to come so stay tuned and check back here for more amazing tips and advice on healing your unhappy childhood. You deserve to be happy, and you will be! 

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