Helping People With Diabetes Stay Active


Helping People With Diabetes Stay Active
Weight loss and increased activity help to maintain mobility for people with Diabetes.

People with Diabetes are twice as likely to develop problems with mobility as they age than people without Diabetes. Can everybody lower their risk of mobility problems with diet and exercise? A study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine and summarized by Medscape noted that a 1% decrease in weight will lower the risk of mobility problems by 7.4% and a 1% increase in fitness level will lower the risk of mobility problems by 1.4%. In order to maintain the benefit, people need to continue the lifestyle changes. Family support an encouragement is so important. While the study did not mention family involvement, in my experience people who have company when they go for a walk,and are served foods which the whole family enjoys together seem happier. Instead of concentrating on how the person with diabetes is different from the rest of his family, family members can walk together, do other forms of approved exercise together, and prepare enjoyable meals that are lower in carbohydrates and calories. When the whole family changes their lifestyle together, the entire family may become healthier, and the person with Diabetes will not feel so isolated.

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