Diabetes and Low Testosterone Levels


Diabetes and Low Testosterone Levels
Overweight men with Diabetes and obesity can raise Testosterone levels with weight loss

Men with Diabetes Type II (or Prediabetes) with obesity have lower testosterone levels. A study involving 891 men reported in the 94th Endocrine Society Annual Meetings reported a study in which men were divided into three groups, 1) Behavior Modification, 2) Metformin, and 3) A control group. The incidence of low testosterone decreased by 46% in the first group without any changes in the other two groups. The testosterone levels increased in proportion to the weight loss achieved and was not related to physical activity. Dr. Handelman’s told Medscape Medical News :”It is important to state clearly that the lower blood testosterone levels are not a true deficiency state; rather, they are a barometer of ill health, as opposed to a real deficiency state.

Comment by DSK: There is so much advertising for Testosterone products for treatment of low testosterone. Based on this advertising, men are led to believe testosterone will imporve energy and promote weight loss. Perhaps( in the absence of other pathology) in the group of men who are overweight with Diabetes or Prediabetes we should be thinking about life style changes to promote weight loss rather than using testosterone replacement.

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