Creating Success In The Face Of Diabetes


Creating Success In The Face Of Diabetes
Would you like to understand how to support your partner who has Diabetes?

Many people have a partner with a chronic illness and feel uncomfortable because they do now know what to say to comfort them, or how to support them.  People with Diabetes face unique challenges as their partners are not sure what they should be eating and when they ask if certain foods are OK, they are perceived as being the Diabetes Police.  When the feel their partner is eating or doing something inappropriate and they say nothing, they are perceived as uncaring.  I invite you to listen to a 15 minute interview I had on blog talk radio in which some of these questions are addressed. You may be interested in learning about my new book which follows the lives of 12 people and shows the psychological characteristics that led to creating successful balanced lives and how diabetes has affected their relationships and inflenced their career choices.  During the interview, I tried to relay the information that my patients have given to me about how relationships are affected and how living with a difficult disease can be easier or much more challenging depending on the people around them.  Please let me know if there is any way I may serve you.  Feel free to send me an E mail at

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