18 Things Men Need To Know That Women Won’t Tell Them


18 Things Men Need To Know That Women Won’t Tell Them
It’s not how much money you have, or looks, or power, its PRESENCE.. .

1. It’s not how much money you have, or looks, or power, its presence. It doesn’t really matter what you look like, you can still become a chick magnet! You’ve seen it before. A gorgeous woman walks by, and when you see who’s she’s with, you ask. “How did he get her!." Usually these men figure they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking a risk.

It truly doesn't matter how much money you make, whether or not you’re overweight, walk with a limp or are going bald. Many wonderful women would love to have you in their lives.  Facebook Expands Relationship Statuses


2. Not presents (PRESENCE). These men are conscious of the dynamics of personality. Make a woman laugh and she will love you. Develop a more active sense of humor if you tend to be too serious, or quiet or shy.

Confident men are irresistible! Learn to become charismatic.

3. You must LISTEN to women in a way that lets them know you heard them. Don’t interrupt! Be an active listener: rephrase what you have just heard. Talk to them as if they have brains, give up the blonde jokes and do not act surprised when you find out she is a neurosurgeon.

4. Give up whining and moaning about your life and women. Go for what you want; learn to live outside your comfort zone long enough to produce results. Risk to get it. Keep going. A Girl's Guide to What Makes a Guy Irresistible

5. Learn to be in the moment. Go for what you want and when you think you have tried it all, try something else.

The lesson of the movie, “Only the Lonely with John Candy. Be an original. Carbon copies get thrown away.

6. APPEARANCE COUNTS! Don’t wear beige from head to tow. Dress with style and original flair!

7. One of the first qualifiers is how a man dresses.

8. Tips on hair. Update your hairstyle. Consult an image consultant or tell your hairdresser that you want a “hot” or spicy” hairstyle.

9. Author of Dressing to Win says that people need to have the right amount of sex, money and career in their hairstyle. I agree. Sometimes people have too much sex in their hair. You know the look: too fluffy and flyaway. Men who have too much of a career-only look in their hair can seem pretty boring. The look of money or prosperity comes from shiny, healthy well-trimmed ends and natural looking color.

10. Stay away from flannels, plaids and clothes that make you look like a carbon copy. Note: grooming is more essential than colors.

11. Men: Dress with pizzazz and you’ll increase your success with women.

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