Why Every Guy Needs To Learn The Art Of "Mind Sex"

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What's sex without a little mental penetration?

Mind sex can be very powerful in a marriage or relationship and the art of seduction for a husband to get his wife to desire and want him is part of mind sex.

What is mind sex?

Mind sex is about when it comes to a women's mind and body, many times men forget that a woman’s body is very connected to her mind. In order for her to have an orgasm; she has to have her mind and body work together.

This is not the same for a men, as it is for a woman. Mind sex happens outside of the bedroom and some men understand this and others do not. It is the area of seduction when a husband can use the mind sex to seduce his wife for greater enjoyment in their sex lives. The reason that most husbands don’t seduce their wives is they don’t know how to do it or that they are suppose to do it.

The best place for a husband to start is to go to a book store or on line and purchase an erotic novel. These books are a view into mind sex. Erotica is sex stories that are written to seduce the mind, and bring out the natural sexuality and get a woman into the mood, the story line entices her, drives her.

A short erotic story

I was sitting on the porch and the neighbor’s son came home for the weekend, he was a strong, in his early twenties, golden skin and blazing blue eyes.

He was home from college and his mom sent him over for some butter, I was home alone, my kids were at school and my husband was on another long business trip. As he walked in I noticed that his jeans were tight against his waste showing off his tight behind and the large bulged that was in the front of his pants. His arms were strong but not too big, his eyes were brilliant blue, but deep and serious, his smile was white and he had two large dimples on each side.

When he came in I felt his presence, his eagerness, being so young and always ready to encounter new prospects at that age, I could feel his manliness. Our eyes met and he could see the longing in my eyes, he was not shy but confident and he asked me for the butter and as I walked to the refrigerator I could feel his eyes upon my round behind.

had always had a nice ass, and a slim waist. When I turned around he was closer to me, he must have sensed the willingness in my gaze, without words he gently pushed me against the wall and leaned in towards me, I could feel his manhood rubbing against me. He felt big in fact to big and it frightened me a little. He lifted my chin and looked into my eyes….

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This article was originally published at The Happy Spouse. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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