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Does your husband want to be dominated in the bedroom?

Does your husband want to be dominated in the bedroom?

A man being told what to do by his wife sexually can take his mind off of everything else

As a clinical sexologist and marriage counselor I help high powered executive men manage their secret sex lives.  Many of these men want to be submissive in the bedroom, but are not able to talk to their wives about it.  As complicated as this may sound the idea of a high powered business man supporting his family and in control all day, then having a woman dominate him sexually can be liberating and stress free.

Most of these men are married, in high powered positions at work, and are the providers for their families. Some of these men have already ventured down the path of seeking out a female dominatrix to achieve the sexual gratification that they are too embarrassed to explore with their wife.  Many times they get themselves in a situation where exposure can cost them everything and that includes their family and career.
Some types of male submission can include different forms of control and punishment. This includes spanking, whipping, being made fun of (humiliation) having to wear a chastity belt, chains, ties, anal and other bondage perihelia. 

A man being told what to do by a woman sexually can take his mind off of everything else and allow him to be in the moment and taken away. The control over his orgasm can invigorate and excite him throughout the day. A day of pain and pleasure can leave him with the reminder of that stress release throughout the week.  Some men will seek out this type of pleasure once in a while and others it can become an obsession.

One of the more complicated forms of male submission is financial domination, where a man seeks out a dominating woman to control his finances,  giving her the power to manage his life. This form of domination has caused some men to go broke or in serious debt.

One way to be a submissive male, and get the enjoyment from it without the shame blame or guilt is to find a partner who is accepting of their lifestyle, or to find a way to get his wife involved slowly, with the help of a marriage counselor specializing in sexual issues.

If a man is fortunate enough to have a wife be involved in his sex play or if not married find a partner that will play with him it can be a wonderful stress release. The liberation for a man who has an accepting partner is an amazing experience, on the flip side having to keep it a secret can become a huge burden and a loss of complete control.


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