I Need Coffee To Live — And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves


Positive Affirmations: Change Your Beliefs — Change Your Life
Your words can have a powerful effect on your life. Here's why you should choose them carefully.

Do you wake up in the morning and think right away, "I need a coffee to start my day. I'm not going to be able to start my day until I have that coffee. I need coffee right now or I can't do a thing?" The real question is, do you really need coffee, or have you programmed your mind to believe that over the years because of your language? Think about how we program our mind by the words we use. "I need coffee. I need a beer. I can't function without an energy drink."

Is your life going to change if you don't have that drink? Will it ruin your day if you don't have a drink or is it the words you use that changed your response to not drinking? We all make this mistake in our lives so I'm not pointing fingers here. The truth is you don't need anything at all. All you need is to program your mind correctly. I never drink coffee in the morning. I don't need coffee. I just need to get out of bed and set my intent in my brain.

I need to program my mind that today is going to be a great day. I say to myself, "I need to be happy today. I need to have a great day. I'm going to create a great day. I'm going to have a positive, amazing, fantastic day. It's going to be an amazing day, and I'm going to meet great people all through the day. When I do that, I always create a great day. I create happiness. I make things happen. When you next have a bad date, don't say to yourself, "There are no good men out there. There are no emotionally evolved men anymore. Men can't communicate. Men don't want relationships. I'm destined to be single all my life. Why can't I find a good man?"

What you're telling yourself is what you're actually going to find. What you think about, you bring about. It's all about the power of intent. You have to change your intent. I know mine is different to many of yours. I always decide to have an amazing day and to bring loving, beautiful people into my life. I dismiss people who aren't ready for that type of connection. When you do this, you change your mindset, and you change the people you attract into your life.

Most of us don't meet enough people, so when you're thinking about all the bad people you've met, it's in your brain that those are the only people you ever meet. With that mindset, that's all you'll ever meet. Change your mindset, and you agree to change your outcomes. We've heard it thousands of times, yet we ignore it over again. Change your thoughts or change your beliefs, and change your outcome. It sounds confusing at first, but it really works. I truly believe there are so many beautiful people to meet. Some of them you'll connect with on an amazingly deep level. That's my mantra. When idiots come into my life, I don't let them bother me. In fact, I dismiss them completely. You will meet pretenders, but you can't let them get you down because they're not ready for a connection like yours, and they're not ready to express love as you can.

Just set your intent every day, and you won't go wrong. Make your intent, "Today is going to be a beautiful day. Today I'm going to give love and for them to love me. Today, I'm going to meet people that can keep up with me. Sure, I'll also meet people who aren't as evolved as me. Sure, I'm going to meet people who aren't ready to love someone as deeply as I can. That's fine. I'm not going to worry about anyone who isn't ready for what I want. It doesn't matter because I believe in attracting love, and I'm going to be open to the right people."

The more you talk about a bad situation like the more you talk about a man who drove you nuts, the more you're going to bring it back into your life. You're going to bring in the exact same dynamic. He's going to have a different face, he'll have a different body, and he'll have a different tonality to his voice, but he'll be the same guy. What we think about, we bring about. Realize there are going to be idiots come into your life. Just dismiss them right away, and when you meet someone who is amazing, embrace it. Realize they came to you because of your belief system. It didn't come to you because you bought into the negative. We can all buy into the negative if we want.

That's today's message for all of you. Enjoy your thoughts. Change your beliefs. And remember, you don't need coffee, you don't need a drink, and you don't need a man in your life. You just need your mind to be powerful. Your mind can be limitless and powerful if you practice your intent. Don't ever forget that!'


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