50 Things You Should Try For Hotter Sex

How to Have More Sex With Your Wife or Girlfriend


How to Have More Sex With Your Wife or Girlfriend
Ways to have more sex
Here are some surprisingly simple ways to help your woman get in the the mood more often.

A lot of men ask me how to get their ladies to have more sex.

Unfortunately, there are a million and one things that can dampen a woman’s libido and make it difficult for her to even get turned on. But luckily for you fellas, there are three powerful tools that can help you overcome those things and get her revved up and ready to go.

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Here are 3 tips to improve the odds and help you have sex with your wife or girlfriend tonight:

1. Flattery will get you everywhere.  She may be beautiful, strong, and sexy to the point you have a hard time keeping your hands OFF her. Unfortunately, women are constantly under attack. All day, every day, women see and hear negative messages from the media that tell us that we are not good enough, not thin enough, not sexy enough, not smart enough.

As a result, women often strive to be absolutely perfect, and can easily start to feel down on themselves if they don’t quite make the mark. So by telling her how attractive you find her, you’re automatically on her side, helping her fight back against all the negativity.

I know it gets difficult, especially in a long-term relationship. When you see the same person over and over again, sometimes these things slip through the cracks and you just wind up missing stuff.

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But all you really need to do to bring back that spark is try to remember to mention the little things you DO notice. If she smells nice or is looking extra cute, mention it in passing without expecting anything. She’ll be much more confident in herself - a confident woman is a sexy woman, and a sexy woman wants SEX. Keep reading...

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