Can You Get Addicted To Your Vibrator?


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YourTango Expert Chrystal Bougon weighs in on this sexy subject!

"Will I become addicted to my vibrator?" "Once I start using a vibrator, will I be able to climax without it?" "Will using a vibrator make me less sensitive?" These are just a few of the questions that have come up again and again over my ten years as the owner of a successful sex toy business.

These fears are more common than you might think. Many women believe they will not be able to enjoy sex without their favorite toys, and that if that's true, it means they have an addiction that their partners will find disgusting. Many men fear being replaced by a toy. They feel sexually inadequate when they discover their female partners use toys to masturbate.


Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of good research on female sexual health out there. But as far as I can tell, there has never been any research that indicates vibrators can cause sexual dysfunction. In fact, a few studies suggest that women who masturbate are more satisfied with their sex lives, enjoy sex more and have more orgasms.

Translation: If a woman often uses a sex toy, it means she has an active libido! She likes sex and that is a great thing, both for her and for her partner! But many women also believe that regularly masturbating with a toy will somehow take the place of a partner.

First off, sex toys are not replacements for people. A sex toy won't take you to dinner, cuddle or whisper sweet (or naughty) nothings in your ear. However, if a woman is masturbating with a vibrator regularly, she's turning to herself (and her toy) rather than finding a different partner — another plus.

Even though this may sound like an addiction to vibrators, it's not. Using a vibrator actually makes it easier to have an orgasm. In essence, your body has discovered a way to reach climax consistently. Therefore, it becomes tempting to reach for your favorite toy during a sexual encounter because your brain and body know that's what gets you off. 

Sex toys are not addictive. According to studies, none of the women who use vibrators develop behavioral problems if the toy is destroyed or thrown away. It is simply the pleasure that people get addicted to, whether it comes from another person or a sex toy. Once someone has found a special technique or toy that hits the spot every time, they don't want it to stop. Makes a lot of sense to me! Keep reading ...

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