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How To Use Resilience To Face Challenges

Do you ever have that sinking feeling that "It is happening to me again?" The following can support you in noticing how and when resilience reveals itself in you and your children's lives. When challenges and obstacles occur, we often admire those that seem to act with ease and do or say the ...

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What A Woman Wants

Most men are confused about what a woman really wants; I know I am. We can assume that it’s the diamond ring or the nice house in the nice neighborhood or making sure the family’s needs are met or being a good father or ...

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Kissing 101: Comfort, Compatibility & Communication

That first kiss — oh, sometimes so magical! Other times it's completely evident that it will be the last. There are the passionate, let's-rip-each-other's-clothes-off type kisses, and then there are the perfunctory, seemingly meaningless pecks on the cheek. Some folks just want to bypass the ...

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How To Use Resilience To Face Challenges

The 3 critical elements of resilience can help you get what you want!

What A Woman Wants

Women want men to know what they want, but men aren’t always sure that women know what they want!

Dogs Kissing

Kissing 101: Comfort, Compatibility & Communication

What you should know before you lock lips.

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